Experience Greatness For We All Rise And Shine In Gold

Entries are now being accepted for the 2019 VMG Networks | SIIKETV Star Academy Awards which celebrates the creative minds and commitment of independent talents that enlightens, educates, entertain and motivates audiences across the globe.

Online submission is available for the following categories

SIIKETV NETWORK is introducing three new categories and some modifications at its upcoming 3rd year award ceremony in Philadelphia, PA. The SIIKETV Stars Academy Awards (formally known as Rising Stars Academy Awards) will now include “Star Fashion Designer”, “Star Make-up Artist” and “SIIKETV Rising Star”. SIIKETV NETWORK is currently implementing the new award changes as we continue to celebrate independent film makers from around the world. Submission for the 2019 edition will open December 1st, 2018. The event is scheduled for June 2019. #WeAllRiseAndShineInGold #SIIKETV #VMGNETWORKS

SIIKETV Star Actor Award

SIIKETV Star Actress Award

SIIKETV Star Actor/Actress in Supporting Role Award

SIIKETV Star Comedian Award

SIIKETV Star Director Award

SIIKETV Star Editor Award

SIIKETV Star Talk Show Host Award

SIIKETV Star Producer Award

SIIKETV Star Vocal Artist Award

SIIKETV Star Writer Award

SIIKETV Star Cultural Performer Award

SIIKETV Star Original Screenplay Award

SIIKETV Star Humanitarian Award

SIIKETV Star Award for Designer Award

SIIKETV Star for Make Up Artist Award

SIIKETV Rising Star Award

SIIKETV Star TV /Radio Personality Award

SIIKETV Star Award for Best International Act: Africa & Europe Award

SIIKETV Star Award for Best Gospel/Inspirational Artist Award

SIIKETV Outstanding Film(Make Up, Production Design, Special Effects & Sound) Award

SIIKETV Lifetime Achievement Award

SIIKETV Leadership Award

SIIKETV Business Award

SIIKETV Adapted Screenplay Award

SIIKETV Cinematography Award

Online submission is available for the following categories